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Bonnie Eisenman

Software engineer, author, knitter, Esperantist. Member of NYC Resistor and author of Learning React Native.

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Personal Projects

I enjoy making things in my spare time. Here’s where I keep track of it all.

Silly, terrible, no-good very-bad jigsaw puzzles. Featuring Voronoi diagrams, KD-trees, and Clojure.
Wrangle your terminal with tmux
My first video course is online at Egghead.
Have your plant text you when it needs watering.
BingoBits tweets partial Scrabble bingos. DailyOblo is a SET-inspired bot that tweets cards.
A simple hat.
A book on building mobile apps with JavaScript.
Infinity scarf knit from Noro Obi yarn.
Project with conductive thread, Arduino, and ChucK.
Of course we laser-etched pi pies for Super Pi Day.
Simple European 4-in-1 brass bracelet, made with 18ga 3/16" rings.
WIP experiment with conductive paint, a laser-cut puzzle, and LEDs.
Turn a mug of water into a musical instrument.
Harvest Zhang and I perform together for our final project, using a mindwave reader and my Illumaphone.
Spatial, light-based instrument I built for a final project.
A Twitch.TV-controlled hexapod, built with Arduino, Electric Imp, and a bunch of laser-cut acrylic and servos.
Turn any staircase into a piano with an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and $6 worth of light sensors.
For HackPrinceton 2013, we made some DDR Gloves.