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Today was SUPER PI DAY. I don’t have patience for all you Half-Tau-Day heretics.

I clearly have the best roommate, because she baked us an apple pie as well as a cranberry-orange meringue pie. We then made the trek to NYC Resistor to laser-etch the pies, because the only thing better than pies on Pi Day…are pi pies on Pi Day.

Yup, those are the digits of Pi in there, comprising the pi-shaped outline.

Alas, our apple pie was too uneven to focus the laser properly, so that one didn’t turn out as well as we might have liked. However, the meringue etched beautifully, if I do say so myself.

If you want to try lasering your own meringue, we used the following settings: power = 100, speed = 100, dpi = 300 for our Epilog 60W laser. After lasering, we also popped the meringue pie into the oven to bake.

The cranberry-orange meringue, before and after application of meringue.
Lasering of the meringue in progress.
The lasered final result. Happy Pi Day!