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Software engineer, author, knitter, Esperantist. Member of NYC Resistor and author of Learning React Native.

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For HackPrinceton 2013, I made DDR Gloves!

This was a fun one. I wanted to make a mat-less version of DDR. Originally we were planning on using Wiimotes, but that didn’t work out; so instead we made a pattycake version using an Arduino Uno, a bunch of tinfoil, and some gloves. The tinfoil acts as a touch sensor. One player wears the gloves, the other player just uses their hands. And then we used StepMania to play DDR! It’s a bit like pattycake.

It was a good time. My teammates for this hack were Vincent Castenada, Kanika Pasricha, and Jan Cash.

There’s a closeup video of us testing the gloves here. Code is available on Github.