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Software engineer, author, knitter, Esperantist. Member of NYC Resistor and author of Learning React Native.

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About a month ago I wrote an article for InfoQ: React.js in Real Life at Codecademy.

It’s been fun watching the response! The article made it to #5 in the Google search results for reactjs. (I only got a screenshot of it at #6, alas. Still pretty good – and behind 3 of the official React pages, too.)

It’s since fallen farther down the results, of course, but it’s the fourth article/blog post in the search results, so that’s something. Plus, it’s done quite well at InfoQ – I’m their top article for the last 40 days (and it’s been nearly 40 days since they published it…)

Anyway, if you want to read some thoughts of mine on React, give it a read.