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This post is rather late. A few months ago I started experimenting with weekly posts that included my latest projects / hobbies updates, as well as what I’d been reading, but I’m not inclined to maintain that tempo right now.

So here’s what I did last month - close enough, right?

Life stuff

By far the largest development in July was settling into a new medication routine. I’ve alluded to my chronic pain issues here before. Suffice to say that I’m on new meds and they work much better, but the adjustment takes time.

I also moved, which consumed a lot of spoons.


Two books this month:

Oh, and if you want some poetry, I finally finished reading Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude by Ross Gay.

My original Goodreads goal for this year was 25 books. Now that I’m sitting at 26, at the beginning of August, I think I need to update that.


I finished my first sweater and am ridiculously excited about it.

I’m also learning two-color brioche, which is…a tremendous amount of fun. Such squish.

Soldering class

I taught an intro to soldering class at NYC Resistor. We had a full house!


I’ve been slacking here - or rather, I just haven’t had the brainspace. But I’ve finally started learning IPA!

What I haven’t done

  • Nearly as much German, Japanese, or Hebrew practice as I would have liked
  • Anything to do with programming outside of work

What’s next (August)

My guess is that I’m going to continue to avoid programming outside of working hours, since I’m getting my fix of that during the day. My plans are to finish a brioche scarf and put together the materials for my upcoming Internet of Things class in September. And hopefully I’ll start Hebrew, actually, this month.

I’m going to try moving to monthly blog updates. We’ll see if I manage it!