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Bonnie Eisenman

Software engineer, author, knitter, Esperantist. Member of NYC Resistor and author of Learning React Native.

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About this site

This site is where I keep track of my personal projects and talks. Sometimes I blog about stuff I find interesting, too. Oh, and maybe buy my book?

Recent Posts

Don't tolerate -isms in your interviews

My organization typically interviews in pairs: two interviewers, one candidate. This is beneficial for several reason...

Is Processing Java?

I wanted to use my "normal" programming tools with Processing, which led me down this rabbit hole. TLDR; Processing is a combination of a Java library, a Java pre-processor, and an IDE. You can use Processing like any other Java library if you want, instead of being locked into the IDE. Here are some of the subtle gotchas that I found.

More than Coding: What is Exploratory Work?

Implementation versus exploration. Who is expected to do what. Being glue.

Less-obvious accessibility questions

Accessibility and ability are both complex spectrums. Many venues that claim to be “ADA accessible” aren’t actually a...

An Engineer's Formula for Software Estimation

A rough formula for tshirt-sizing estimates for software projects.

Experiments with Fractal Streets

Generating street layouts with Clojure.

What I Know About: Being Sick at Work

Some of the strategies I use for managing my disability in the workplace.

Notes on Modifying Unowned Code

What do you do when you want to add a feature to a codebase that nobody maintains?

SVG Jigsaw Generation in Clojure

Silly, terrible, no-good very-bad jigsaw puzzles. Featuring Voronoi diagrams, KD-trees, and Clojure.

Books 2017

What I read, what I'd recommend, and some patterns.

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