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Bonnie Eisenman

Software engineer, author, knitter, Esperantist. Member of NYC Resistor and author of Learning React Native.
Email me: bonnie.eisenman@gmail.com.

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About this site

This site is where I keep track of my personal projects. Sometimes I blog about stuff I find interesting, too.

You can also find more info about my speaking experience, or let me know if you want me to teach a class. Oh, and maybe buy my book?

Recent Posts

Scala jargon

A list of things I didn't understand at NE Scala Symposium.

Grep Course on Egghead.io

My first video course is online at Egghead.

Reading List: 2016

Highlights from my 2016 reading list.

Internet of Dirt: A Texting Plant

Have your plant text you when it needs watering.

Fitbit for Spoonies

Intersections of fitness and (dis)ability.

Two Twitter Bots

BingoBits tweets partial Scrabble bingos. DailyOblo is a SET-inspired bot that tweets cards.

Strange Loop Zine 2016: Call for Pages

Apparently we're making a Strange Loop zine?

Making GET Requests with the Adafruit Feather HUZZAH

TLDR; User-Agent strings are important, even if they're nonsense.

Last Month, July 2016

Moving, knitting, reading, soldering.

Sweater Planning

Things I'm thinking about for my next sweater.

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